Comfortably Lonesome Evening

I am watching the deer in the park. They halt everytime I move. So I stop moving… just type… Has civilization gone too far? I want to be better than I’ve been— better than I am. My therapist said to lay off the judgement, but it’s in my nature, like loving too hard. And alwaysContinue reading “Comfortably Lonesome Evening”


the air smells of marshmallows with his hand rested on mine. we ride quietly in the back of his parent’s car. there is no need for conversation as we feel it in the silence. i go to look at him because i sense his eyes on me. he admires me as i turn to admireContinue reading “watertown”

the apple ran far from the tree

i wonder if she was born venomous with a destiny to poison, or if her upbringing made her cold, giving her a vendetta against anyone she was supposed to love— anything that tried to love her. i watched her save lives, but never her own and never mine. how can you give to others whatContinue reading “the apple ran far from the tree”

achingly alive

some moments are so beautiful that it hurts. i wish you were here to experience them in all their fullness and not just in verbiage. my windows are down on 522; i’m blasting love songs amidst the summer sunset. it’s stunning, i am achingly alive, but i’m thinking of your hand on my thigh fromContinue reading “achingly alive”


It’s no wonder that a force as relentless, wonderful, and strong as falling in love is a mirror to my innermost complexities.

The Ocean is a Vortex

It took three weeks to realize I hadn’t been seeing the ocean, to find I was meekly treading through the motions. There is more than life to us, there is more to life than me. There is more to existence than do it hesitantly. How did I overlook the change moving to the ocean wouldContinue reading “The Ocean is a Vortex”

gradual finding: A Collection of Poetry and Prose

gradual finding it wasn’t love at first sight, but rather relating to a gradual finding. it occurred to me in the most ordinary of moments: i could never again exist without you. april 21st, 2021 i think an imperative aspect in truly loving someone is choosing to seek understanding in their complex spectrum of light:Continue reading “gradual finding: A Collection of Poetry and Prose”

Each and Every Instance

If there is anything love has made me, it is better through each and every instance. Platonic, familial, and romantic. Or, simply for the sake of recognizing it. Whether shared in communion, or in the comfort of a pet. In any medium, art and creation. Love has surely caused me to be better for it.Continue reading “Each and Every Instance”


“Time is one of the greatest teachers, if only we surrender to pay attention.”

Image: “ether” by Stephanie Valentin

tectonic plates

image: fashion_cosmopolitan on IG

You Are Never Too Far From the Rise or Setting of the Sun

In retrospect, I was never quite satisfied with my existence. I always craved change—differences in the seemingly mundane. At times, I was unsure of said alterations’ natures and origins. I assumed transformation required an external catalyst. It wasn’t until recently that I realized progress begins within. There is infinite power which follows the understanding ofContinue reading “You Are Never Too Far From the Rise or Setting of the Sun”

new stardust

garden when i am away from him, my claw-marked burdens suffocate me deeply with no remorse or pardon. when we meet again, he gently soothes them to silence and sings me lullabies within my garden. new stardust my routines have been shaken. i am willingly living unrehearsed. changing right before my open eyes, i writeContinue reading “new stardust”

Ending: March 3rd, 2020

Sometimes, loves are short lived. A spark is ignited as quickly as it goes out. Other times, love burns so agonizingly slow, prolonging until the very last ash has blown away. The story will write itself until each party has absolutely nothing left to give. You go along your separate paths, but keep the memoriesContinue reading “Ending: March 3rd, 2020”

i forgot the sky is blue: December’s Collection of Poetry and Prose

Painting: “An artist in his studio contemplating a moonlit street from his opened window” by Caspar David Friedrich

Glitter in the Day: Part Two

Recently, I read an article discussing the stagnant nature of a mundane routine. When we find ourselves in never-ending cycles, we can become restless while going through the motions. We risk losing sight of what exactly makes life worth the effort. Upon finishing the piece, I realized that in order to find pleasure in life,Continue reading “Glitter in the Day: Part Two”