Each and Every Instance

If there is anything love has made me, it is better through each and every instance. Platonic, familial, and romantic. Or, simply for the sake of recognizing it. Whether shared in communion, or in the comfort of a pet. In any medium, art and creation. Love has surely caused me to be better for it.Continue reading “Each and Every Instance”


“Time is one of the greatest teachers, if only we surrender to pay attention.”

Image: “ether” by Stephanie Valentin

tectonic plates

image: fashion_cosmopolitan on IG

Outbreak: A Short Story

“Check their vitals,” you hear a panicked voice demand. Your eyes slowly blink open to reveal a white, tiled ceiling. You are tranquil for a moment. You feel yourself floating in the air, as you were in the ocean on your family beach trip in 2008. Suddenly, you are thrown back into your body. AContinue reading “Outbreak: A Short Story”