It’s no wonder that a force as relentless, wonderful, and strong as falling in love is a mirror to my innermost complexities.

The Ocean is a Vortex

It took three weeks to realize I hadn’t been seeing the ocean, to find I was meekly treading through the motions. There is more than life to us, there is more to life than me. There is more to existence than do it hesitantly. How did I overlook the change moving to the ocean wouldContinue reading “The Ocean is a Vortex”

gradual finding: A Collection of Poetry and Prose

gradual finding it wasn’t love at first sight, but rather relating to a gradual finding. it occurred to me in the most ordinary of moments: i could never again exist without you. april 21st, 2021 i think an imperative aspect in truly loving someone is choosing to seek understanding in their complex spectrum of light:Continue reading “gradual finding: A Collection of Poetry and Prose”

i forgot the sky is blue: December’s Collection of Poetry and Prose

Painting: “An artist in his studio contemplating a moonlit street from his opened window” by Caspar David Friedrich