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What Does My Best Life Look Like?

“I am writing this on a bench at the river walk. I intended my visit to be for journaling and reading poetry…”

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Elizabethan gardens

this afternoon, i am getting lost in the Elizabethan gardens. i am homesick because you are where my heart is. i’ve missed you deeply ever since the solstice. and i know i am in love because i want you here to see beautiful things like this.

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achingly alive

some moments are so beautiful that it hurts. i wish you were here to experience them in all their fullness and not just in verbiage. my windows are down on 522; i’m blasting love songs amidst the summer sunset. it’s stunning, i am achingly alive, but i’m thinking of your hand on my thigh fromContinue reading “achingly alive”

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It’s no wonder that a force as relentless, wonderful, and strong as falling in love is a mirror to my innermost complexities.

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