Comfortably Lonesome Evening

I am watching the deer in the park.

They halt everytime I move.

So I stop moving…

just type…

Has civilization gone too far?

I want to be better than I’ve been—

better than I am.

My therapist said to lay off the judgement,

but it’s in my nature,

like loving too hard.

And always being right in my head,

and giving too much.

I don’t know how to receive.

It’s just one of those comfortably lonesome evenings.

I’m watching humans live their lives.

I forget they have their own bullshit going on.

The world seems a little bigger right now.

I’ve never been so close to a deer.

Her eyes are big and wise.

She is a simple creature and

we coexist in peace.

My writing professor said I’m too blunt,

but I like the way I spew onto the page.

I think I’m done looking to others before myself.

My thoughts can be lovely at times…

And he said I have a beautiful mind,

so that’s all I really need.


these deer remind me of us.

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