gradual finding: A Collection of Poetry and Prose

gradual finding

it wasn’t love at first sight,

but rather relating to a gradual finding.

it occurred to me in the most ordinary of moments:

i could never again exist without you.

april 21st, 2021

i think an imperative aspect in truly loving someone is choosing to seek understanding in their complex spectrum of light: their sunniest days to their shadow-fated nights. i believe it is a covenant to forever meet them wherever they are, and it must be a balanced effort.

in love at the tulip farm

i’ve never conflicted so healthily

with another soul upon my path.

you lure out an unwavering strength

even upon unprecedented mishaps.

i still feel security amidst tension

as i search for courage in the park.

no force to fix it prematurely—

there is reassurance in your warmth.

i’ve found i’d like to navigate

life’s inevitable struggles with you.

we handle this love with consciousness,

like the delicate tulips in bloom.

i could spend the rest of my days

with my arm in your arm.

immortalized in an endless afternoon;

in love at the tulip farm.

perfect tempo

although we met in perfect tempo,

i wish i’d known you all of my life.

if only to have had balance at your anchor

in laughter and in strife.

you were ever the star of my dreams

before i could paint the face of my muse.

but even upon initial sight,

it was as if my soul recognized you.

you are proof of perfect tempo,

even in the dissonance of life.

it is evident i am better off

with your easy nature at my side.

you have made me a believer

in the hidden, Divine orchestration.

as enduring love has revealed its kindness,

i am grateful i was patient.

a globe of glass

in the evening, we lay in the grass as you convey to me the objects that once were in your backyard. you are unaware i am mindfully basking in your calming, radiant presence. the atoms of our skin welcome and kiss one another. even in silence, we listen to the sweet hymn of being in true love. i waited my entire life for the promising comfort and security in a soul like yours. serendipity: you are even better than i prayed for. you kiss my arm and remind me of my same beauty i also see in you. we exchange sentiments and pull our bodies closer. i want to live right here forever. i file the moment in with the happiest memories of my life.

faith in eternity

i used to be scared of a faded honeymoon phase because society told me to be.

i’ve been taking account of the way our whole notes fall into perfect harmony.

you hold me from behind and rock me side to side. i take in great detail for the memory.

no longer apprehensive, i am safe in this comfort, with great faith in eternity.

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