It’s interesting, time that is. A made up phenomenon, which has cultivated multitudes of meanings in our lives—mundane and extraordinary.

My favorite part of the notion is that time is a mirror. I find quaint irony in the fact that retrospect will reveal in greater clarity than the present moment could. This is simply the reason it is imperative to exist presently, with intent. Intention is everything; it is one of the many mediums of which binds us together.

Think about the biggest, most painstaking lesson you have learned in your wildly beautiful and tragic journey. How did it arrive at your feet: slowly, or all at once? Can you trace back to a string of instances in which the test was given to you, with every failure gifting you another opportunity to master it? Can you seek out the patterns, like perfectly placed stepping stones?

Time is one of the greatest teachers, if only we surrender to pay attention.

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