new stardust


when i am away from him,

my claw-marked burdens

suffocate me deeply

with no remorse or pardon.

when we meet again,

he gently soothes them

to silence and sings me

lullabies within my garden.

new stardust

my routines have been shaken.

i am willingly living unrehearsed.

changing right before my open eyes,

i write him into verse.

my being is comprised of new stardust.

i just caught up with the current.

love placed me in an altered state

and the world is better for it.


i used to claw for normality, but now he interlaces his fingers with mine.

he plays our song unprompted. in the passenger, i feel just fine.

his vessel is comprised of loose stardust, which i never knew i was looking to find.

i once searched every corner of the Universe as time was taking its sweet time.

as all cliches have proved validity, it is true that love is kind.

so i allow this force to envelop me as his name dances with rhyme.

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