a soul laid bare

my heart desires everything with you.

this head is weighted by differing credences.

i yearn to possess certitude in your love,

but in occlusion are my rusted canvases.

i am furious with my habitual hesitation.

my nerves are pleading your name.

i long to soften these weary fists

and surrender the obsolete pain.

i am lost as how to enlighten you

for my ghosts do not play fair.

there are leashes upon my burdens

preventing a soul laid bare.

i hold no intention to cause you anguish.

am i damned to reveal?

similarly, if i dance with fear

and dismiss my inclination to heal?

it simmers down to a single notion:

i do not want to be too much.

in trepidation to fail once more

in the delicate game of love.

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