Ending: March 3rd, 2020

Sometimes, loves are short lived. A spark is ignited as quickly as it goes out. Other times, love burns so agonizingly slow, prolonging until the very last ash has blown away. The story will write itself until each party has absolutely nothing left to give. You go along your separate paths, but keep the memories no matter how far you wander. Time can water most anything down, until your memories are mere happenings in the space and time continuum. But love never dies. True love lives on forever. You just adapt to life without them. You make the decision to love them from afar.

Throughout life, you will come face to face with choices. The options can take you down entirely different paths. Some decisions can break you down and make you question everything you ever planned for. They will break your heart, but heal your soul. Deciding you want the best for yourself is the hardest part; everything will follow from there. And once you’ve made up your mind, there is no going back.

Life will go on. We live with the decisions we make. We must wake up everyday and make them over and over again, no matter how hard it is to let go. It is the rhythm of life-the natural dance. Keep in mind, healing is not always linear. You can go months without putting much thought into it, convinced you’re 100% moved on. Until you swear you hear their laugh walking down the street, and it feels like the morning after all over again. Acknowledge and allow yourself to feel it, and pick yourself up again.

Not every story gets its happy ending, no matter how much it “deserved” to. If every match ended up riding into the sunset, there would be less room for growth and experience. It simply would not be life.

It is perfectly okay to reminisce. It is okay to let go of the pain. Put the pictures, poetry, gifts, and trinkets in a box and hide it in the back of your closet. Save it for a rainy day when nostalgia pays you a visit. There is a lot of life to live, and a lot of love to give. Be bold enough to move forward with grace.

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