“What Do You Hope For After Death?”

When my Earthly body has run its course, I hope to have free roam in many realms. I would enjoy exploring alternate galaxies. Perhaps I could observe paths I almost took in this lifetime unravel within parallel universes. I’d dress in elegant gowns whilst dancing around the seven rings of Saturn. Mellifluous symphonies would enchant me. I’d perceive an ethereal array of psychedelic hues. Fellow spirits would swim across the Milky Way and we’d exist in perfect harmony. I shall possess no home, for I would find it amidst my own company. I would sleep on clouds and bathe in clear, aquamarine waters. I’d hand pick refreshing fruit in any country I please. I would immerse myself into all four seasons. For hobby, I’d design unique snowflakes and generate captivating storms. I desire free range of the highest mountain tops—to reach their peaks effortlessly. I would tame the snakes and teach the fireflies to illuminate brighter. I could check in on my loved ones at any moment. I’d oversee life beginning, love igniting, and jubilance transpiring. I would help souls alike to mine crossover. And nothing in the afterlife would suffer; no body, animal, plant, or soul would experience turmoil.

April 22nd, 2020

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