The Sunday of Summer: August’s Collection of Poetry

Dance in the Sun

Talking with Brandy while drinking wine

Painting the town to pass the time

Distracting ourselves because we can’t be alone

Closing the chapter of your childhood home


Fourteen full years of growth and some pain

Hand in hand when standing in rain

Slaying our demons, deciphering first loves

Still finding reasons to dance in the sun


Laughing ‘til sides hurt, sleeping ‘til noon

Being the coolest people in any room

Making sense of the past, creating our closure

Encouraging each other in navigating our futures


The rest of our lives has only just begun

We will always find courage to dance in the sun


I adore the freckles on your shoulders,

levelling out like constellations.

A dancer in your mind

getting lost in imagination.


You paint the colors of my reality.

Behind you, a flow of whimsicality.


Your intelligence in endearing,

your quick wit is magnetic.

Making the sweetest of nothings

ring eloquently poetic.


I find myself lingering longer than I should.

When it comes to solitude, I am simply no good.

Temporary Affairs

Temporary affairs are my favorite:

passionate, emotionless, and fleeting.

I prefer them over strenuous feelings—

the type to paralyze upon leaving.


The kind that leaves their mark forever,

alike to a tattooed souvenir.

Throughout the following years,

they refuse to let you clear.


The Rise of Autumn

By the end of that summer,

there was nothing more.

Everything had faded

excluding my soul.


Bad habits were vanquished and

the vampires showed themselves out.

Who remained was myself.

What more was to know about?


Although solitude can be daunting,

it is imperative to grow.

 What a better time than Autumn

when transformation flows?

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